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Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

Companies are trying to winnow sales leads so that the marketing efforts are more tightly focused. One approach is to be more selective in the lead generation process.

Some companies are turning to experts in this field.

One company, FRONTLINE Selling, is now offering a service called Push-Leads.™ The process involves focusing on more targeted sales leads that are designed to be quicker to close, cost less to generate, and deliver significant results. 

Push-Leads are defined as an identified individual, matching a pre-defined role/title/job function in a specifically targeted account, which has directly or indirectly expressed an interest in and has received high value collateral, such as a whitepaper or case study.  “Push-Leads are workable – they are the leads sales people actually want, appreciate, and can be held accountable to, “ says Mike Scher, president and co-founder of FRONTLINE Selling.

Utilizing FRONTLINE Selling’s Repeatable Demand Creation Process (RDCP), clients or FRONTLINE’s outsourced services teams identify key decision makers within specifically targeted companies to create these Push-Leads. Clients use the leads to penetrate new and existing markets, generate net new sales, and brand themselves as a true solution provider in their marketplace.

“Traditional lead generation programs yield volumes of leads but not the leads your sales team really wants.  With our approach, we start by understanding which are your most coveted, sweet spot accounts, and 
then use our methodology to generate only targeted leads within those accounts,” adds Scher. 

 “In the process, hundreds or even thousands of executive decision makers receive the client’s branded value proposition message in a professional, low-touch fashion.  Our process entices these key players to pre-qualify their interest by asking for a client’s collateral.  In some cases, they are so inspired with elevated interest that they specifically ask for someone to call them,” he adds.

Previously, one client generated leads through tradeshows, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaigns, Syndicated Whitepaper programs, and Online Advertising at a cost of $60.00 each for a total of 1000  leads.  Only 15% of the leads produced were workable, i.e. represented a targeted title at a targeted company. 

After follow-up on the 15% of the leads, the client converted about 7% of those for a total of 10 appointments, at a cost of nearly $6000 per appointment. 

Using FRONTLINE’s Push-Leads program, which consisted of creating messaging, developing a target list of 500 accounts, and utilizing FRONTLINE’s  RAMP-UP™ methodology process, the team produced 250 Push-Leads. Leveraging FRONTLINE’s Follow-up 2.0 training, the client converted 30% of the Push-Leads for a total of 75 appointments, at a cost of $413.00 each.  FRONTLINE’s Push-Leads program was 93% more cost effective.

To find out more about FRONTLINE’s Push-Leads program, download the whitepaper, “Mommy, Where Do Leads Come From?” at

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