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Service For Small Enterprises Reduces Operation Needs, Expenses

Not only do home-based business leaders and consultants need to sell their products and services, they need to manage their firms as well.

Studies have shown that this sector spends about 35% of their time managing the mundane parts of their business -- paying bills, managing their websites and other technical aspects, dealing with communication suppliers and handling non-essential phone calls.

For many of these business leaders, the costs of managing their businesses is often hidden and can actually harm the company if not properly handled. 

Equally as important, these organizational aspects eat up financial and physical resources that should be plowed into marketing and delivering their products or services.

Many of these problems relate to communications and Internet efforts.

Services have sprung up that take advantage of technology which enables even thinly-capitalized startups to outsource business functions affordably.

One such offering is which provides a menu of services to help the back office operations of startups, home-based businesses, consultants and smaller firms.

The service, which is priced by the month and allows users to jump on and off easily, provides:

  • Call center, phone answering and PBX/switchboard
  • Website management
  • Administrative and back-office services
  • Bookkeeping
  • IT support
  • Shared office space and a virtual office presence.

The Maryland-based company is headed by Gourab Nanda, Co-Founder and CEO who says his company provides general, non-industry specific services — the kinds of non-core activities that small businesses can and should outsource.

He sees the biggest demand coming from services industries, including IT services, financial services or marketing services. These are the kinds of services that can be offered virtually.

While the company services bigger entities, it has a very real offering that is ideal for home-based and single practitioner enterprises.

Early stage companies and startups who operate on a lean basis can benefit from the company's offerings.

According to Gourab, “Outsource functions that do not generate revenue. By taking these tasks off a client's table, it frees up time to devote to the core business and earn more."

Experts advise smaller enterprise that they should not outsource something that is the heart and soul of the business.

For instance, a Web-based firm shouldn't outsource its Web operations, because that the heart of the business. But a manufacturing company or a law firm, and the Web is not core, then it would be appropriate to outsource the Web piece.

As an example of how his company provides help to an enterprise. Gourab described a customer that has an eCommerce business selling cookies online. It is run by a gentleman who has a full-time job and runs the cookie business as a side business. The entire back end of that business is outsourced to Mybusinessassistant. Orders are taken online or over the phone and sent directly to a bakery. handles the phone orders and takes customer service calls for the cookie business. During this past Valentine’s Day season, the cookie site sold literally thousands of orders and took 700 calls, enabling the cookie site to do a booming business despite being a part-time sideline for its owner.

In short, this is a business that exists because the founders have figured out a way to spot business trends occurring around us and create a business that responds to the needs driving those trends.

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