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A New Way to Share Multimedia Messages

In the business world, seeing (or hearing) is often believing in terms of messages that share information or market a product or speak to employees.  QlipBoard is a new software for a PC that lets a user make Qlippits, which is a way to combine pictures with drawings, highlighting and audio.  This can be used to communicate with family, friends and colleagues.

A Qlippit is a file that combines a user’s voice recording with images and drawing. Qlippits play like movies, but are easier to make.  Qlippits can be viewed on any computer with a browser and Adobe Flash Player and can be made on any computer running Windows Vista or XP, or on any Mac running Windows XP through a program like Bootcamp or Parallels. Qlippits can also be watched on Windows Mobile devices.

Once the free download is installed, a user can quickly capture any image from any application and then record a voiceover, as well as having the ability to draw on the screen and highlight particular points or diagram something.  Once the Qlippit is done, a user has the choice to save it locally on their computer or to choose to send it via email.  When send is chosen, the presentation is uploaded to the Qlipboard server and a URL is generated.  This URL can then be copied into emails or web pages.  In addition, the URL will also include code necessary to embed it into a website for use on a blog or podcast.  The presentation will then appear directly on the site, rather than having to click the URL, to view it.

QlipBoard Free is free to download, free to use and comes with a 250MB total storage limit for hosted presentations.  For companies wanting a larger storage limit (up to 5GB), QlipBoard Enterprise can be purchased for $9.95 a month or $89.95 for a year.  Enterprise also includes personalized support via telephone or email versus forum support only with the free version.

To view a presentation about how QlipBoard works and see the product live, please visit 

To download Free or Enterprise, visit


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